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Body Treatments

Sea Salt Body Polish (Full-Body Exfoliation)

Includes Vichy and Swiss showers. Polish and moisturize your entire body with granules of marine salt and rich essence oils an outstanding way to liberate the body from its shell of dead skin cells

Slimming Seaweed Body Wrap (full-body contour slimming)

Includes Swiss Shower. Trim your silhouette and free your body of everyday tensions


Hydrating Seaweed Body Wrap (full-body hydration)

Includes Swiss Shower. Infuse dehydrated skin with deeply penetrating moisture surge, also beneficial to skin overexposed to sun.

Detoxifying Herbal Wrap (full-body deep detox & water retention)

Includes Swiss Shower.  Cleanse toxins, improve circulation & reduce water retention while revealing healthy, rosy skin.

Targeted Cellulite Treatment (Stomach, Buttocks & Thighs)

Includes Swiss Shower. Target stubborn areas cellulite with this specially designed, sophisticated body treatment zeroing in on three target zones: stomach, buttocks & thighs.